IRS Tax Relief Articles

Tax Resolution Company/Help Your Tax Situation

To significantly help your tax situation and overall financial issues you should find a good tax resolution company. The ins and outs of tax codes and tax laws are pretty complex. Just because two people have very similar tax issues doesn't necessarily...

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IRS Forgiveness of Debt

No need to worry if you recently have been audited by the IRS to also find out that you owe a significant amount in back taxes. You are not alone in this situation as there are millions of others facing the same predicament and looking for IRS forgiveness...

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IRS Penalty Abatement

Perhaps you have experienced tax penalties levied by the IRS as many taxpayers have because you were unable to pay your owed taxes on time. If you do have tax debt, rest assure the IRS will quickly add late fees and penalties on the amount you currently...

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State Tax Debt

It’s almost that time of year again, where the snow is still on the ground and a cheery letter arrives from the capital to inform you your state tax debt is due. All year, people who work for an employer have had percentages of their income set aside to...

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Bankruptcy and IRS Tax Debt

If you were wondering if bankruptcy is a way to resolve your tax debt, most likely, it is not. A decision to file bankruptcy should not be taken lightly as it has many negative, long term effects. There are different types of bankruptcy you may want to...

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IRS Tax Garnishment

The most common type of IRS tax garnishment is the wage garnishment. This is the process of deducting money from an employee’s salary or monetary compensation. Sometimes this could be the result of a court order. In the USA, such garnishments are limited by federal...

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Tax Relief Attorney/How to Find the Right One

Need help on your tax debt?  Fortunately, there are qualified tax experts who can give you professional advice and help you resolve your IRS debt and provide tax relief. A tax relief attorney has the right experience to guide you as per your situation....

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Federal Tax Lien

Have you recently received a letter in the mail from the government seeking a federal tax lien on your holdings? This is a serious and damaging event, but with some understanding on what is going to happen and how it will affect you and your family is an...

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Personal Tax Debt/What Are Your Options?

Because of the economy over the last five years, you may be asking yourself what your options are for personal tax debt. Many people that have personal tax debt seem to gravitate towards the Offer in Compromise, which has been referred to as settling for pennies on...

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