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If someone, owning some property is late in paying his property taxes, the government and the concerned authorities will put a tax lien on his property. If you have a tax lien against your property, your tax relief lawyer can deal with the government and concerned authorities to remove the lien against your property. In order to ensure that a debt will be paid, notice of Federal Tax Lien is declared. Most commonly, a notice to the public is filed in order to protect the government’s interest. The property is charged with the lien when a taxpayer is informed about the debt and is unable to pay it within 10 days.

While the lien is being filed, IRS informs the taxpayer’s creditors and the general public about the lien. It is the duty of IRS to let the taxpayer know within 5 days of the notice that he has a right to the hearing. If, the taxpayer disagrees with the lien at the court hearing, then he has the right to challenge the lien and, in case, he is successful, he has the right to appeal to the U.S. Tax Court or federal district court.

The tax lien can be released under the following conditions:

  • When the time has run out on IRS’s behalf and they have no longer the authority to impose the lien,
  • when the debt is paid,
  • If IRS accepts the compromise from the taxpayer

The credit report of the tax payer can be affected following the release, no matter, what the circumstances were at the time of the discharge. The public notice of lien can be withdrawn by IRS if the circumstances are as follows:

  • If the notice filed was not in favor of administrative procedures or was filed too early,
  • If the taxpayer and the government authorities would get the benefit from the withdrawal,
  • If some installment plan has been decided upon.
  • If IRS would get the money in case of withdrawing the public notice of lien.

There are over 140 different kinds of penalties which IRS can use against you, such as, for not paying your taxes, for not filing a return, as well as return related and information related violations, etc.

The tax relief attorney hired by you must be familiar with the rules and regulations observed by the IRS while declaring tax penalties. The reason for the authority of IRS on such a large number of penalties is to push the tax payers to pay taxes voluntarily and timely, and to prepare their tax returns precisely and to file them on time.

However, the IRS penalties assessed against the tax payer scan be disputed since the taxpayer has the right to defend themselves by being heard at the court or by possibly being entitled to being discharged from the penalties. With the help of some reasonable cause, the tax payer can have his case reviewed. If there are any new facts leading to the assessment, the case will be reassessed by the IRS. as These factors could include: poor health, death, unavailable absence, the wrong advice form used by a tax advisor, service error, or devastating circumstances.In short, it does not matter how much you owe to IRS, the tax lawyer can get you the best negotiating power with the IRS and the lowest payment(s).

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